The Republican Team

– Strategic long-term plan for our future
– Addressing quality of life issues
– Improving and updating our technological capabilities
– Updating Marlboro’s infrastructure using today’s best practices

Overdevelopment must STOP!

Our Plan addresses Overdevelopment.

Why is it so frustrating to interact with Township Departments?

Marlboro has a terrible reputation when citizens and businesses must
interact with different Township Departments for their needs. We have great staff without Leadership. Your Republican Team will implement Best Practices across the board assisting our personnel. 

Who is running Marlboro?

We are outraged that our schools were closed for so long forcing our children in front of a computer for learning! Our TEAM will investigate  and communicate with stakeholders for changes going forward, G-d forbid this ever happens again. Our kids deserve no less.

JCPL continues to provide us with electric service with a very shoddy record. When our residents and businesses lose power it causes loss of safety and financial hardship.

Why has this issue not been addressed by Council?

Marlboro is Stagnant after one Party in power for so many years.
We thank the current elected, but it is “TIME FOR AN UPGRADE”.

Our Republican Team will restore oversight to our Township Government. We are the Fiscally responsible TEAM.

Our Team has the skill sets needed to govern in today’s world. DiNuzzo, Milman, and Qazi working together creates synergies as reflected in their Strategic long-term plan for Marlboro’s future.